Recipe of the Month: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

One of my favorite Halloween traditions is roasting pumpkin seeds. Creating the perfect recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds can be a bit tricky, but I think I’ve finally got the right one. These are a delicious (and nutritious) seasonal favorite! Directions Clean the seeds. Once all of the strands have been cleaned off, give them […]

Practice Fire Safety & Prevention

October is Fire Safety and Prevention Month so I thought it was a great chance to review a few fire safety tips with you. Make sure your home doesn’t join this statistic by following the following tips: Smoke Detectors – While it almost goes without saying, every home should have a smoke detector in every […]

5 Tips To Prevent Deer Collisions

You may have noticed in the recent weeks that deer sightings are becoming more prevalent. Since we are unable to train deer to stay off the roads ☹ here are 5 tips to help you prevent and decrease the danger of being involved in a deer-related auto accident: Deer generally travel together. If you see […]

Recipe of the Month: Oreo & Fudge Ice Cream Cake

I love Oreos and Fudge! I discovered an easy recipe that has combined both of those amazing treats together! And…. it’s so delicious that I had to share it with you! Ingredients 1/2 cup hot fudge ice cream topping, warmed 1 tub (8oz) COOL WHIP Topping, thawed, divided 1 pkg. (3.9 oz.) JELL-O Chocolate Flavor […]

Change Is In The Air

September is one of my favorite months. Maybe it’s the fighting spirit inside me, but I like to root for this ‘underdog’ month. Think about it…September is the month right before all of the major holidays start, and I think September doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The heat of summer staves off and we […]

Tips For Picking Your New Neighborhood

Our agency’s #1 priority is making sure that you and your family are both informed and insured. Our main purpose is to help you protect all that matters most, especially your family and your home. Being in insurance, I get a lot of questions from friends, family, and clients who are looking to buy a […]

Did You Know?…

One of the most frequent questions I hear in my insurance agency is an explanation of the various types of life insurance that are out there. September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month, so I wanted to put some info out there so you can be informed and make the right decision for your family. […]

Recipe of the Month: Granola Banana Sticks

Looking for the perfect after school treat for your kids or a tasty mid-day snack for yourself? Look no further than here. We’ve got a great recipe for you. Whip up some Granola Banana Sticks and dig in. They are easy to make and make a delicious, healthy snack anywhere, anytime! Ingredients 1/4 cup peanut […]

Complete a Policy Review Today and Stay Ahead of the Curve

We are in the middle of baseball season and as an Insurance Agent, it always makes me think about curveballs in life. While it’s entertaining to watch something like that during the game, it’s not so great when you get one of life’s curveballs thrown at you. Sometimes the curveballs life throws at us are […]

August is National Family Fun Month

When August hits us it can feel like the fun of summer is coming to an end. So, before you start bringing out the brown paper lunch bags and dividing up the school supplies, pick a few days this month that will be dedicated to having some family fun! Just because summer is almost over, […]