5 Tips To Prevent Deer Collisions

You may have noticed in the recent weeks that deer sightings are becoming more prevalent.

Since we are unable to train deer to stay off the roads ☹ here are 5 tips to help you prevent and decrease
the danger of being involved in a deer-related auto accident:

  1. Deer generally travel together. If you see one, there are likely more close by.
  2. Look for deer-crossing signs. Pay attention while driving, and if you see a deer-crossing sign, slow down.
  3. Know what time it is. Deer are most active in the evening and following dusk, from around 6-9 PM.
  4. Another light tip… use the high or “bright” setting whenever possible while driving at night to help illuminate the roadway and assist you in seeing deer approaching.
  5. If you come up on a deer stopped in the road, DO NOT swerve to avoid the collision. Doing so could result in your complete loss of control of the vehicle and cause a more severe accident.

If you do have a collision, seek emergency help immediately and then contact our office and allow us to help you with any claims.

Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.