5 Wonderful Things About December

This time of year can be very hectic and chaotic. For those that have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) it is compounded by depression.

For a little pick me up as we enter the dark time of year, here are 5 Wonderful Things about December.

  1. Colder Weather.
    The best indicator that December has arrived is the weather. Northern states are getting snowfall by the end of November and the rest get “sweater weather”.
  2. Winter Break!
    Kids are out of school, the older ones are home for the holidays and everyone has some good old family togetherness.
  3. Doing Nothing Around the Fire.
    When there is cold weather, there is usually a fire. Being able to just bask in the warmth to relax with a blanket and a good book is highly overlooked.
  4. The Best Food.
    Winter specials such as hot chocolate, stews, and soups are always very tasty in the cold winter weather, and you simply cannot have a December without them.
  5. The Holidays.
    December would not be as special as it is without Christmas, Hannukah, and every holiday that every family celebrates over the break. Gift-giving warms the heart and seeing the looks on everyone’s face when they wake up Christmas morning is priceless. It is the perfect ending to every single year.

May you have a great December to wrap up 2022 with a smile!

Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.