Recipe of the Month: Barbeque Cocktail Wieners

Memorial Day is just around the corner (Monday the 30th) and many will be grilling out, having friends and family over, and more.

One of my favorite snacks for get-togethers is Barbecue Cocktail Wieners aka “Lil Smokies”. This is a super easy recipe with only 2 ingredients. You can make a fancy tray of them with toothpicks or serve them straight out of the slow cooker. Either way, they never disappoint.

My family loves it, and I hope yours will too! Let me know what you think!


1 Package cocktail-size wieners or smoked sausages
1 bottle of your choice barbecue sauce


Put the entire package of smoked sausages in a slow cooker and turn it on high.
Cover sausages fully with barbecue sauce and stir.
Place lid on the slow cooker and leave for approximately 2 hours.
Serve while warm.


Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.