Start 2022 the Right Way

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start focusing on our goals for the upcoming year.

Don’t let yourself make one of the most common mistakes made each New Year—waiting too late to start planning. If you have goals, whether you have goals you want to meet in your personal or business life, in your relationships, or anything else, the successful way to plan is to start early.

I have been moving my planning forward, starting earlier and earlier each year, and have found that having a head start is beneficial. It’s especially helpful to know that you’ve got a solid plan for moving forward in the new year.

4 Tips for Setting Goals for This Year & More Importantly, Achieving Them:

  1. Write Your Goals Down — Get your goals on paper and put it somewhere where you will constantly be reminded of them. This will help you keep on track and remind you to focus on your goals. The best place I have found to post my goals is on/next to the bathroom mirror to be easily reviewed every morning.

  2. Prioritize — If you have five goals you really want to accomplish over the year, prioritize them. You may also want to set mini goals for yourself that will serve as milestones to your eventual larger goal. Setting mini-goals along the way will also keep you motivated as you get a little taste of accomplishment each time you meet a mini-goal.

  3. Make an Action Plan — How are you going to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself? Decide how you’re going to do things and get started!

  4. Track Your Progress — So that you don’t lose sight of your goals, track your progress toward them to help yourself stay on task.

Two great goals I suggest are to fully complete/update your home inventory and schedule a full policy and insurance coverage review. In worst-case scenarios of fire or burglary, it is crucial to have a full up-to-date list of your home’s contents and be fully prepared for the unexpected.

There are several apps available through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to digitize your home inventory. Many allow you to easily enter all needed information (item description, make, model, serial number, value, purchase date) and save pictures.

May you have a Happy and Great 2022!

Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.